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Fat Burning weight loss slimming patches for Anti - Aging
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Product: Views:2Fat Burning weight loss slimming patches for Anti - Aging 
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Fat Burning weight loss slimming patches for Anti - Aging


Weight loss hot slimming patch

Weight loss hot slimming patch is flaky patches, are composed of material layer, gelatin layer, non-woven bag and slimming magnets composed of four parts, raw material layer is arranged on the non-woven bag. Raw material layer is composed of volcano energy stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water and other polymers, exothermic reaction can be the role of oxygen in the air. Non-woven bag is characterized by uniform and no leakage, good air permeability.

Indications function: Slimming Body

Main ingredients: Astragalus, Atractylodes, Rhizoma alismatis, mineral essence powder extract.

Product advantage: obesity is a disorder of lipid metabolism results. This product with the traditional main and collateral channels and acupuncture as the basis, through drug acupoint application reasonably uniform defatting effect. As a green diet do not take medicine, it can mobilize, dredge main and collateral channels potential, Yi Qi and blood, self-discipline and adjust all kinds of human body balance, reconstruction.

This product through the gastrointestinal function control, achieve the decomposition, the purpose of consumption of fat, no hunger, and enhance immunity, known as the green diet. No need to go on a diet when in use, less nutrition, less water, uniform and reasonable diet.

Note: we suggest that during the use of this product, strictly abide by the following principles:

Daily drinking less than 8 cups of water

only a day to eat three meals a reasonable things

Eat healthy dessert, resist the high protein food and butter

Resist chocolate and high sugar content of food and beverage

Moderate exercise, walking is necessary

Packing :500pcs/carton,46*31.5*30cm,15KG


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