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YIQI 5th Effective Skin Whitening Cream For Uneven Skin Tone
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Product: Views:2YIQI 5th Effective Skin Whitening Cream For Uneven Skin Tone 
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YIQI 5th Effective Skin Whitening Cream For Uneven Skin Tone




YIQI  5th generation 3+1 Gift package herbal skin whitening cream set

1.herbal YIQI 5th generation A cream


Rosy whitening day cream (cream A) 20G

Benefits: high protein-rich ingredients, natural plant extracts, with good depth activated fiber body interaction, enhance the cell membrane blocking melanin decomposition and ability to exclude radiation and sun protection to the skin to achieve all-round protection, soft white skin.

Ingredients: lotus, watercress, aloe vera, chamomile, and so on.

For skin: pigmentation, uneven skin tone, yellowish skin.

Usage: daily morning after cleansing, take appropriate size punctate even put on his face, coupled with the cream B and C cream.


2. YIQI 5th generation B cream


Rosy whitening pearl cream (cream B) 20G B

Benefits: pearl powder with ginkgo extract, effectively improve the rough, dark dumb skin, especially with ingredients nourish and replenish skin nutrition, long-term use can eliminate fine wrinkles, prevent skin aging, make skin white and tender, delicate, shiny.

Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, pearl powder.

For skin: pigmentation, uneven skin tone, yellowish skin.

Usage: daily morning and evening after cleansing, take appropriate size dot A cream in the morning even put on his face and then smear cream B, now in the same way the first night painting C cream and then daub B cream.


3.herbal YIQI 5th generation C cream


Rosy whitening night cream (C cream) 20G

Benefits: contains natural whitening elements as well as a variety of natural plants extract nutrients, with engaging in streptozotocin, anti-inflammatory enzymes, vitamins from the deployment. Double whitening factor, direct decomposition eliminate the formation of dark spots, freckles and other spots, and infected by bacteria from the acne and can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, treatment of latent pimples, decomposition of melanin, to achieve complete whitening results. Especially for freckles the hudieban, melasma, dark spots with special effects.

Ingredients: lanolin, witch hazel, arbutin, snow lotus.

For skin: pigmentation, uneven skin tone, yellowish skin.

Usage: After cleansing every night, take the appropriate size dot even put on his face.


4.herbal White rosy cleanser 100g


Ingredients: Safflower, arbutin, licorice etc.

Efficacy: Gentle Wash the dirt in pores, take away skin muddy old dead skin cells and excess oil, reduce epidermal skin pigmentation, pigmentation, moisturizing and whitening skin.

Features: Wash away the muddy, Purifying and Brightening.


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